Disposable Liquid Wax

Disposable Liquid Wax fuel cells are typically used in restaurant table illumination. Restaurants, caters, banquet halls, churches and more use the disposable liquid wax fuel cells in conjunction with a decorative lamp to create ambiance and illumination.

These clean burning, odorless, disposable liquid wax candles come with a True Burn-Time Guarantee®, meaning they will perform as advertised or better. 

Disposable Liquid Wax fuel cells come are available in several size options and burn-hours that can last from 8-hours to 100-hours. The product is 100% recyclable, extremely safe and requires no maintenance or adjustments. Just light it and forget it.

Disposable Liquid Wax fuel cells saves time and money over traditional wax candles. You no longer have to remove harden wax from lamps and deal with possible injuries cleaning.

Disposable Liquid Wax Products