Lamp Lease Agreement

Please complete the Lamp Lease Agreement below. As part of the Agreement you must finish the purchase of four cases of fuel which is automatically added to your cart. You must then select the lamps you want to lease to complete your transaction.

Terms and Conditions:

Oil Lamp Services, LLC., (hereinafter referred to as "OLS") and the Company Name listed above in the "Company Name" field and/or the "Contact" field (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer") agree into this Lamp Lease Agreement, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. In consideration of the purchase of Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells, OLS will furnish Buyer at no charge with the number of lamps defined by "Number of Lamps Leasing" field located below.

2. Buyer agrees to purchase and use exclusively Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells for any and all table lamps furnished to the buyer.

a. Buyer agrees to purchase Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells from OLS using;

b. Pricing for Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells is guaranteed to the "Buyer" not to exceed the advertised price at the time that this agreement is executed for the term of 24 months. Pricing, discounts, loyalty reward points all can be used as outlined on website and are not reflective of this price;

c. Buyer agrees to purchase the designated monthly amount of cases of Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells as defined by the following calculation: Number of Lamps Leasing x Burn Hours Per Day X Burn Hours Per Week / Hours in Fuel Cell / Fuel Cells Per Case * 4 Weeks Per Month = Monthly Usuage;

3. In consideration of this Agreement and the guaranteed purchase price for the Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells, Buyer agrees to burn a minimum of 25 hours per lamp, per week for 24 consecutive months. This period shall commence from the date the lamps are delivered to the Buyer.

4. In the event Buyer wishes to discontinue purchasing Dine-Aglow® Liquid Wax Fuel Cells from OLS, Buyer agrees to purchase the original quantity of lamps at a prorated cost based on 24 months. Lamp cost is calculated by the online price at the time this Agreement is executed.

5. Buyer will indemnify Dine-Aglow® against any breakage, damage or loss which may occur. For indemnification purpose, the value of each lamp is determined by the current online price at Buyer will replace lost, stolen or damage lamps and globes to maintain the original number of lamps supplied.

a. Buyer can take advantage of the manufactures Forever Free Table Lamp Program for replacements. All terms and conditions for the Forever Free Table Lamp Program apply.

6. This Agreement shall be binding upon both parties, their authorized agents, franchises, heirs, executors, assigns and administrators.

7. This Agreement constitutes a full and complete understanding between the parties hereto and cannot be modified without the consent of both parties in writing

By checking the box above, you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Lamp Lease Agreement. This Agreement becomes biding by both parties upon submission.